Name: Omid Azizi Rostam
Date and place of birth: 1365, Qaemshahr

Education: Associate diploma of Graphic
University: 6th Tehran Science and Appled department
Address: Mazandaran, Qaemshahr, Shahid Masoud Dehghan (16 Meters) st. next to Shahid Dastoorian Ave. Azizi Digital Printing office.
Zip code: 47659-46737
Manager and owner of Azizi Digital Printing
Member of museum committee of graphic designer's association in 1387
Graphic manager of Hajme Sabz Artistic group
Member of Hajme Sabz Artistic group since 1385
Private teaching in 1386
Participation in" Persian Gulf, National Identity" poster exhibition in 1386
Participation in Lady of Iran's painting (Mokarrameh Ghanbari) in 1386
Being First in Mazandaran visual art festival in 1387
Member of Art in the village festival since 1387
Drawing exhibition in Zar Amol gallery
Printing of my work in university student's graphic book in 1388 in two sections; poster, symbol
Performance of enviromental art with the subject of human and nature in Mazandaran forests
Participation in Mazandaran's guidance office exhibition
Participation in poster exhibition with the subject of "Return!" in Zaz Amol gallery.
Secretary of group exhibition of logos in memorial of Momayez
Selected poster of third Fadjr international festival